Mexican Adventure

Welcome to Andrew and Sharon's Mexican Adventure.    Travel around Mexico with us on our Trek America El Grande  tour. On this site you can see  28 of the Mexican  towns that we visited on our 6 week tour.

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Copper Canyon - Mexico


On the 11th of December 1997, Andrew and Sharon embarked upon their Trek America El Grande Mexican adventure. This site details our experiences over the course of the six week journey.

The tour comprised of two Treks, 'Tierra del Sol' in the South, and 'Canyons and Pyramids' towards the north of Mexico. Each of the tours began in Mexico City with the second tour concluding in LA. The map provided (still to come) details the course of our journey.

You can navigate around this site either by clicking on a destination on the map (to come) or by choosing a particular city from the listings provided under Places. A brief description of each town and our chosen activities together with photos are provided.

We hope that you enjoy our experiences.

Mayan Ruins in Palenque - Mexico
Sunrise in  Guaymus - Mexico

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